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What is Bodypainting?

The Body Painting (Painting Corps) is a form of artistic expression in which the duration is temporary; In fact, the duration of the color on the skin is generally a few hours or at least easily washable with soap and water.

Why doing bodypainting?

Some artists create paintings only to be contextualized in circles and then photographed; the photographs are then sold. But generally are performance events and festivals, tour business, trade stands, evenings in public places, advertising and creating book for models, but also limited to painting the face with Facepainting.

A little ‘history …

The Bodypainting is closely linked to the tattoo, intended as an ornament or as a decoration on the occasion of celebrations. The roots lie in the dawn of civilization and in many indigenous cultures still remains with these purposes.

How is this accomplished?

The colors are for cosmetics, hypoallergenic and clinically tested, soluble and work tools were updated with the passing years: the classic brush and sponge were added sophisticated techniques d ‘airbrushing, that create chiaroscuro, nuances and details very precisi.Bodypainting airbrush and sponge

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