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With this new table, the series “Corset” takes a new direction, that of  “normality”
So far, in previous works of the series, the female figures represented a common ideal of beauty, what a little ‘patinated, what we are now daily bombarded.
But why a corset can’t be weared by the “normal” woman, the one we have every day close to us?
Why can’t be the wife, girlfriend or lover, with all its faults, with all his humanity and normality?
The manipulation of the photographic image has accustomed us to fantasize in perfect shape, no bags under the eyes, without a minimum wrinkle, cellulite free legs, lean (too), perfectly made up and combed.

This is not to say that real women are ugly, I would never!
Rather I love to think of this evolution as a dip in reality, where the image is frozen in an intimate common with the woman who dresses (or undressed?) Of her corset and turns to her man. And ‘this real intimacy with a real woman with all its faults and merits and, not surprisingly, her sensuality is not less, in fact.

This woman is the wife, the girlfriend, the girlfriend normal. Vera. As are our women.
Forget perfection to “photo-manipulators” …

Corset IV - Acrilico ad aerografo su carta 50x70cm anno 2014

Corset IV - Acrilico ad aerografo su carta 50x70cm anno 2014
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