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“The fight against the Mafia must be above all a cultural movement that get used all feel the beauty of the fresh scent of freedom that is opposed to the stink of moral compromise, indifference, and thus contiguity of complicity.” Paolo Borsellino

A traveling art exhibition that aims to talk about the “mafias”, following the hero’s warning on the front line against the Mafia Paolo Borsellino:
“Talk Mafia. Talk about it on the radio, on television, in newspapers. But talk. ”

An exhibition that tells stories, which teaches through the emotions, linking the past with the aim of keeping alive the memory, trying to understand the chain of causes and effects, transformations and continuity of history and time: culture as a tool of freedom, which “helps to keep your head” …

The festival will start 24 November 2011 from the Museum of Natural Sciences of Turin, the first capital in the 150th anniversary of Italy and will arrive in January 2012 at the Museum of Mafia Salemi, on the twentieth anniversary of the “massacres of Capaci and Via d’Amelio “.

A journey from North to South as a starting point for a reflection on how new mafias have changed in their sneak in every sector of the economy.

Numerous prominent artists of the Italian scene:
Giampiero Abate, Claudio Lia, Angelo Langè, Giorgio Bisanti, Anthony Scarpelli, Maurizio Geraci, Leonardo Luiso, Angelo Barile, Marica Fasoli, Riccardo Mannelli, Silvio Porzionato, Davide Puma, Paolo Troilo, Gianni Busso, David Tironi-Koji Yoshida, Francesco Cito , Giovanni Presutti, Filippo Maria Selvaggi

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