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Rome – Anti-aircraft Shelter Palace of EUR Offices – 19/26 June 2008
Organization: Italian Airbrush Association
by Mrs. Cecilia Paolini
Thursday, June 19, 2008 from 17:00 at the Ninfeo Park in Piazzale K. Adenauer, was held the exhibition “Homo Faber painting: the god’s forge Volcano”, a collective whose protagonists 10 emerging artists from all over Italy.
The assumption is that man, as the god Vulcan from the bowels of the Earth, in every creative act is in solitude and in a desolate place. In the collective imagination, literary and artistic, creative inspiration occurs in a place like that exhibition, which would be transformed into a modern Forge of Vulcan.
The theme of the exhibition is dedicated to the element prince of every artistic manifestation: inspiration.
The survey conducted by the authors of the place, first of all mental, where inspiration originates from the relationship, and that this place has to man-artist. Assuming that the creative genius is the purest of human and characteristic, ie the intellectual endowment that generates a sense of the sublime, the parable by which the intuition translates into inspiration invariably passes through that particular place of the soul where human consciousness is infinite cosmic experience.

To get positive artistic object, inspiration needs to materialize through the hands man. This extra creative step takes place in a precise physical place, the tangible reflection of the spiritual dimension where the inspiration has found substance.
The suggestion of inner space is perfectly suited to the place where the exhibition was held: the cramped rooms of the bomb shelter of EUR, decontextualized from their original function, they have been reinterpreted as the intimate nook and cranny where every artist finds their inspiration and It translates into images.
Showrooms, therefore, have been transformed into a modern Forge of Vulcan where the authors on display tell the intimate relationship with their place of inspiration.
The exhibition display: Giampiero Abate, Emanuele Tubertosi, Serena Sorrenti, Silvia Belviso, Massimo Fogliazza, Arturo Corinto, Fabio Abbati, Antonio Fucito, Augustine Dimitri Alessandro Rinaldi.

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