Federica Cenciarelli

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The artist Giampiero Abate works with the technique of airbrush acrylic on canvas and in the series Ultrareale tries to make the boundaries between the real and the ideal evanescent.
It is Nucleo Fuso that documents the complexity of the relationship and sharing, the two ”different from each other. They turn their backs on. They do not look at each other but touch, search, brush, blend to become one “2 in a surreal and ideal place, which becomes the projection of the emotions of the two subjects who try to find each other, naked, alone, undisturbed from any external conditioning, in their intimacy.
On the contrary, in Learning to fly ( later renamed “Suspended” NdA ), the figure is positioned in a forced perspective and floats in an undefined turquoise space, trying to to break free from inner struggles, to fight them but his hand starts to burn. The work is configured as an exhortation to change perspective, to try to welcome and accept oneself for what one is, with the aim of learning to fly and look at new horizons.

To complete, Giampiero Abate inserts augmented reality, which transforms the visit into a multisensory as well as an informative experience. The public, by connecting with the smartphone, becomes involved and active, immersed in a virtual, unique, intimate and high emotional impact context.

( Intimacy revealed catalog of the exhibition project at the Chiostro del Bramante)

Federica Cenciarelli
Student in “Economics and Management of Cultural Heritage” at Catholic University of the Sacred Heart