Luciano Carini

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Sustainable Art Catalogo - Giampiero AbateInnovative, scenographic and powerful artist, Giampiero Abate with his very personal expression clearly relates our great artistic tradition with the most advanced technology to lead the viewer inside his paintings to immerse him in an unreal and suspended dimension, emotional and interactive.

His figures are striking for their executive perfection and the almost surgical precision of every detail.
But those statuary and immobile poses and those fixed and absent gazes immediately refer to other realities, to other dimensions, to real visions with a dreamlike, surreal and otherworldly flavor.
Thus truth and fiction, possible and impossible, life and death face each other and coexist in works of great participation and emotional intensity.

Painting which in its aesthetic beauty and in the results achieved leads us to reflect on the meaning of life and existence, but, above all, on our inability to accept ourselves as finite and mortal beings.
Then emerges, very strong, the sense of human frailty and the awareness that true wealth is not that of the body, ephemeral and fleeting, but the inner one, the only one that never fades, the only one that cannot be destroyed and enhances with the passage of time.

Luciano Carini



Gallerist and art critic Luciano Carini , assistant curator and member of the Commission of the Guatemala Pavilion, one of the most admired of the whole 56th Venice Biennale of art.