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Premio Marchionni FINALISTI-2023


Marchionni 2023 Award


For the 2023 edition of the Premio Marchionni, one of my paintings has been chosen as a finalist in the Painting section.
The painting is called “The King of the World“, acrylic on canvas, 100×80 cm.
It is always a pleasure and an honor to be part of the Premio Marchionni, which features the participation of many high-level international artists.
The final event of the 2023 Premio Marchionni will take place at the MAGMMA Museum on June 10th at 6:00 pm.
I would like to thank the Artistic Director of the 2022 Premio Marchionni and Director of the MAGMMA Museum in Villacidro, as well as artist Walter Marchionni and the jury for choosing my two works as finalists.

The King of the World (finalist of the 2023 Premio Marchionni)

Semi-human or semi-divine, he is the point of union between the underground city of Agarthi and the land occupied by men, with his eyes turned to the sky, towards the Universe whose Laws he guards through the Dodecahedron. Everything revolves around Nature, represented by the grassy meadow and the sky.

Although his colors are reassuring, his not entirely human appearance instills strong sensations: the King of the World is a negative character who imprisons souls, that is, the freedom, that is, the free will of humanity that he influences.

Il Re del Mondo

References and inspiration

According to some traditions of Central Asia, the King of the World is the sovereign or the Primordial and Universal Legislator of the mythical city of Agarthi (“the inaccessible”), the underground kingdom hidden from the eyes of men and populated by semi-divine beings (the Arhat, “the enlightened ones”), who would have taken refuge underground to preserve their powers and knowledge from barbarism.

The place where Agharti resides is both spiritual (as it exists above and outside existence) and physical. This sect of the best governs the fate of the world and controls and prevents the damage done by ignorant and unaware men-children, as hidden and invisible protectors.