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Sabbie Immobili

In Greek mythology, the Cocytus (In ancient Greek Kṑkȳtos, in Latin Cōcȳtus; it can mean lament, cry , but also river of ice ) is one of the five rivers of the Underworld.
In the imaginary description of Hell given by Dante Alighieri in his Divine Comedy , Cocytus is an immense frozen lake located in the ninth circle of Hell.
Here, according to the Poet, traitors are punished, submerged by the ice and struck relentlessly by the icy gusts of wind produced by the immense wings of Lucifer.

In Dante’s description, Cocytus is portrayed as a terrifying place: the gloomy atmosphere resounds with the lamentations of the damned souls, whose eyes are encrusted with crystallized tears.

Dante imagines that the sinners punished here, guilty of treason, are buried in the ice at various depths, depending on the severity of the crime
(source Wikipedia)