Intervista su Airbrush Step by Step Magazin

Giampiero Abate Interview on Airbrush Step by Step MagazineNel numero 05/2016 della rivista Airbrush Step by Step Magazine c’è una mia intervista con alcune delle mie opere realizzate, tra le illustrazioni, i caschi, i quadri.

E’ la prima volta che sono intervistato per una rivista specializzata ed è emozionante vedere le mie foto su un giornale internazionale.

Qui di seguito riporto l’intervista completa in inglese.

Interview Giampiero Abate

 How did you start airbrushing?

It has been about 25 years ago. I liked (and I like now) commercial advertising and illustration.

Studying the illustration techniques I discovered the airbrush. Curious about this, I bought my first airbrush kit made up of compressor, too. Something like a toy!
But it has been enough to inflate me the “airbrushing drug“! Since then, another one economic airbrush to learn more, but after some years I’ve started with more professional tools.
And I’m buying right now!

Giampiero Abate Interview on Airbrush Step by Step MagazineHave you painted in other techniques before?

Yes. I tried with brush and pencil, before. But I still using this tools, because I am convicted that the airbrush must be a tool like the other. I don’t believe in “airbrush only” or “free hand only”.

I have to use airbrush, like, charcoal, brushes, pencils, markers, chalks, acrylics, tempera, watercolors, with masking film, liquid masking and freehand.

Do you have role models / idols?

When I started in the ‘90s there wasn’t internet, but only some magazines. I was amazed from some fantasy artists like, Royo or Franzetta or Vallejio. So that I bought a lot of book.
After that I become studying the art history and I discovered many artists. I don’t have an unique idols: I like Caravaggio but also Norman Rockwell, I like Pietro da Cortona but also John W. Waterhouse, I like Amedeo Modigliani but also Alphonse Mucha and more….  I like the Art and the artist.

Giampiero Abate Interview on Airbrush Step by Step MagazineYou are doing a lot of illustrations assigned by customers. Are airbrush illustrations in Italy still on demand?

Not so much. The digital illustration is still the “lord” here in Italy.

Are you free to choose motifs and style when you paint for customers?

The person who ask me an artwork knows my style, has seen my production on my website or on my facebook page.  But every time I try to understand what he wants and what he expect form me. I try to practice realize what he has in mind (often what doesn’t have in mind…), but with a personal style or ideas. I’m not only a mere executor, I have to fall in love in every project, I have to feel the artwork

And I think they are always satisfied of my work.

Which field in airbrushing do you like the most? Illustration? Custom Painting?

There are two kind of production: the commercial and the personal .

The first is the Custom Painting, where I work as I told you before.
The second one is different. I adore not so much to illustrate, as the Fine Art where I get more inspirations.
Giampiero Abate Interview on Airbrush Step by Step MagazineWith the Fine Art I can experiment other art technique and contaminate with the airbrush. I discovered the use of charcoal and/or graphite like “into chase” to colors. With this technique I’ve realized “Corset IV”, freehand drew and colored by airbrush with watercolors and acrylics.

I adore my “Corset” series (I’m projecting new pieces), like I adore “Respiro!” that give a lot of “pathos” to the observer. These are my intimate ways…

Where do you get inspiration?

I’m an observer. I like to see everything and I’m curious, too. My ispiration is from everything and everywhere. In my custom production I try to read the mind of the customer and to understand the style too.
Talking about my production… I try to feel my soul, I only try to transfer my sensations, to translate my mind in colours and shapes.
I like drawing and I think it’s the better ways to search inspiration, just with a sketch that can become a project.

Which surface do you like best?

I like the illustration paper, but the canvas too. These are more “artistic”.
I’m experimenting cotton paper, too. It offers interesting results….

You are also painting in mixed techniques. Can you tell about the advantages and opportunities that you are given with this technique?

Giampiero Abate Interview on Airbrush Step by Step MagazineFirst of all, a mixed technique gives to the artworks more “warms”. I can use charcoals, graphite, brushes, spatulas etc, to search to satisfy my intents.

I don’t like so much the hyperrealism, I don’t like that who look my artwork has doubt is a photograph. You have to see it’s a painting, you don’t have doubts.

I don’t saying that hyperrealism isn’t good. It’s a technical virtuosity and must have the right skills to execute it. But for me it’s too much perfect. I want to render a reference picture, even if I prefer life models.

Which paints and devices do you use?

Most easy to use are acrylics, but I’m very censor for the brands. I prefer who use natural pigments and good binder that doesn’t modify the hue.

Often I use colors not properly for airbrush uses, but with a good fine pigment.

Tell us about your workshops: What do people learn from you?

I try to transmit everything I know, my research and my results. I give them everything.

Apnea - Acrilico su tela - 80x100cm - 2016
Apnea – Acrilico su tela – 80x100cm – 2016

What are your next projects?

I’m working on a bold plan.

A workshop in Rome, studying fine arts and painting like the Old Masters. Naturally with the airbrush.

Every day we’ll visit a Museum or a Gallery or a Church with a Guide Tour and the in class to realize a painting with a life model too.

I like to make the airbrush a real art. In the world there are many good artists and if there were more, the global quality will be best!

This project calls Airbrush in Rome and is present with a own website , facebook, twitter with the artsinrome account.

Other plans…. Working!