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Me, Giampiero Abate

Giampiero Abate profilo 1


The use of 3D software to create “humanoid” subjects in realistic settings.
This is the goal of my figurative artistic research: a contamination between the unreal and the natural in an Ultrareal world, which leads to the enrichment of the sensorial perception of painting.
From Augmented Reality, to Video Render, from 3D printing with biological materials to Video Mapping.
My investigation concerns the Ptolemaic position of humanity and how it is no longer sustainable that these, not feeling an integral part of Nature, do not respect it.
My works recall my passions for physics, astronomy, philosophy and esotericism, to investigate the role of Man with the Universe and with Nature, to induce the awareness that it is necessary to change the position of man from “Ptolemaic” to “Copernican”.
Themes that are linked to the goals of the SDGs, the Green Deal and New European Bauhaus: a community, also extended to creatives, to propose ideas for politics for a respectful coexistence and development.
It must be reflected that Natural Resources (water, land, forests, the atmosphere, etc.) are not to be used and destroyed, but, as for Relational Quantum Mechanics, are a series of relations to which one cannot regardless. Assigning the right Identity and value to Nature for a new balance with the human being, so that we can live together in harmony for the development of all, with respect for all.
Here is the importance of open dialogue for a constructive diversity of views, without prejudice, with healthy comparisons to have a critical mind.
From my first work “Charon, ferryman of souls“, linked to the landings of immigrants in the Mediterranean, with the theme “Ultrareal” I began to investigate the role of Man in the Universe in dialogue with the Platonic Solids, and then continue with “Sabbie Immobili” and the inability to take positions and decisions, subjected to their own political and social inertia. Hence the thrust towards the theme of Nature, the search for human balance so as not to have to imagine a dystopian future.
The research also focuses on the use of the work itself: in the 2019 Ultrareal exhibition, in fact, a new way of immersion through AR has created sensorial stimuli and reflection of the works, placing the viewer at the center of the scene (viewer-centered)


3D software to create humanoid subjects in realistic scenarios. Giampiero Abate is self-taught airbrush painter, inspired by surrealism with fusion of unreal and natural, with references to physics, philosophy and esotericism, investigating the role of Man with Nature. He enhances the artworks with immersive tools, such as Augmented Reality, Video Render, 3d Print

Abate’s work has been exhibited internationally in important museums and institutional spaces including:
54th Venice Biennale, Italian Pavilion – Turin
National Etruscan Museum in Villa Giulia – Rome
Marino Marini Museum – Florence
National Central Library – Rome
M.A.C.RO. Testaccio Museum – Rome
MAGMMA Museum – Villacidro (VS)
Palazzo Ferdinando di Savoia – Rome
Basilica S. Giovanni Maggiore –  Neaples
Basilica Sant’Arcangelo Michele – Monte Sant’Angelo (FG)

In 2020 his painting “Congiunzione Temporale” became part of the Permanent Collection of National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome
In 2021 his painting “Antropomachia” became part of the Permanent Collection of  MAGMMA (Museum of Graphic Art of the Mediterranean Marchionni)


ULTRAREALE curated by Alessandra Redaelli – Margutta Home (Rome)
LA PRETESA DELLA LIBERTA’ March 16 / April 12 – Cabaret Voltaire Gallery – Rome.
Art [R] Ego, The work of art seen as the alter ego of its creator – 900Lab – Rome.
ANIME D’ITALIA –  M.A.C.RO. Testaccio “La Pelanda” – Rome on the occasion of the Uni (ci) ty of Italy event..


Tra i più recenti:

– Vincitore del Premio speciale Mostre Itineranti del Premio Marchionni 2020
– Selezione speciale “Venti Artisti per Goya” Museo MAGMMA – Villacidro (SU) – Italia

Finalista al LXIII Premio Cascella 2019
Finalista al Premio Marchionni & Rosso Passione 2019
Finalista Premio “Rospigliosi Art Prize 2019”
Finalista Premio “Adrenalina 5.0 – Eros & Thanatos”


The following have written about him about his artistic production: Cecilia Paolini, Anna Maria Izzo, Roberta Di Chiara, Alessandra Redaelli.


2022 – The Guide Artists Magazine #57 – July 2022
Beautiful Magazine #39 – December 2022
2021 – Catalog “Sustainable Art” texts by Luciano Carini curated by Pasquale Crispino – Art Catalogs series by Editoriale Giorgio Mondadori
2019 – “Ultrareale” Exhibition Catalog curated by Alessandra Redaelli
2019 – Exhibition catalog “Ex voto – per Arte Received” curated by Angelo Crespi
2019 – Catalog of the exhibition “Splash!” curated by Giorgio di Genova
2019 – Basilio Cascella Prize Catalog
2018 Publication on Guida de Arte Leonardo (Spain)
2016 – Publication on Airbrush Step by Step 05/16 pag. 35/38 2013 – Publication in Expoart magazine number 20 of October 2013 (page 73)
2010 – Publication in EIKON magazine March / April issue (page 24)
2010 – Catalog of the exhibition “L’Aquila non si muove” at the Palazzo Ferdinando di Savoia in Rome.
2010 – Yearbook of Contemporary Art 2010 published by Acca Edizioni.
He currently lives and works in Tuscany


among which:

Finalist Exhibit “Marchionni Prize” – Museum Ca’ la Ghironda (BO) 13 nov – 04 dec 2022
The MEAM Hall – MEAM Museum Barcelona (Spain) 15 September 2022/17 March 2023
• Exhibition of the “Marchionni Prize” Finalists – MAGMMA Museum – Villacidro (VS) – 16 July / 31 August 2022

Exhibition of the “Marchionni Prize” Finalists at the MAGMMA Museum – Villacidro (VS)
SYART FESTIVAL – Sorrento (SA) – 16 July> 5 September
GENI COMUNI – Museo del Presente – Rende (CS)
SET ME FREE–SpazioCima Gallery – Rome 5>28 may
Mostra dei Finalisti “Premio Marchionni” – Museo MAGMMA – Villacidro (VS)
SILENZIO – OnArt Gallery FIRENZE – 11-23/7/2020
EX VOTO – PER ARTE RICEVUTA a cura di Angelo Crespi – GrandArt Milano e Museo Marino Marini di Firenze – Catalogo stampato Mondadori
CORRISPONDENZE a cura di Alessandra Redaelli – Museo Nazionale Etrusco di Villa Giulia Roma – Catalogo stampato Arts in Rome
CULTURA+LEGALITA’=LIBERTA’, L’ARTE CONTRO LE MAFIE –  a cura di Roberta Di Chiara – Basilica Sant’Arcangelo Michele a Monte Sant’Angelo (FG) – Catalogo stampato
CULTURA+LEGALITA’=LIBERTA’, L’ARTE CONTRO LE MAFIE –  a cura di Roberta Di Chiara – Basilica S. Giovanni Maggiore a Napoli
CULTURA+LEGALITA’=LIBERTA’, L’ARTE CONTRO LE MAFIE –  a cura di Roberta Di Chiara – Biblioteca Centrale Nazionale di Roma – Catalogo stampato
L’ARTE NON E’ COSA NOSTRA curata da Vittorio Sgarbi –  Evento di chiusura Biennale di Venezia – Padiglione Italia – Sala Nervi del Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Torino – 2011 – catalogo stampato
L’AQUILA NON SI MUOVE – a cura di Cecili Paolini – Palazzo Ferdinando di Savoia di Roma – catalogo stampato
AD MAIORA – a cura di Giampiero Abate – Palazzo Ferdinando di Savoia – Roma

Represented Galleries

Online – MONSHARE ART – Milano/Miami/New York
Online – ARTSY.NET

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