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Still Sands

The “Still Sands” represent those sensations of immobility in difficult situations, when for choice or necessity the current state cannot be changed.

The figures sink or emerge from a plane, often with a clear physical effort, as if to oppose a force that attracts them.

Those who see the works often recognize themselves in a past or present period of life, where for external causes (work, feelings, family, etc.) or psycho-emotional (depression, anxiety, etc.), would like to find a solution to get out of a “marshy” situation, but they cannot.

The term “Still Sands” is a pun (antithesis) that mixes the phenomenon of quicksand (thixotrophy), (where a ground is apparently solid, but when you step on it, water and sand form an unstable aggregate, in which the liquid cancels the friction between the grains, sinking) and the state of inertia that the mind or the environment blocks.