Breakfast in Italy (Pin Up Style)

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Breakfast in Italy - Acrylic on Illustration Board - 50x70 cm - 2015

The track is “Pinup” style 50s waitress, but with a more current style.

From this my study began to find a nice solution, but at the same time fun and dynamic.
 Supertramp _-_ Breakfast_in_America The inspiration came from the album cover of Supertramp Breakfast in America” from 1979 in which a chubby waitress posing as Lady Liberty serves an orange juice with a “bar” style background of the Big Apple.

Perfect! But I needed a little variation to make it more fun ….

With the help of the beautiful Federica KillerQueen , I take a series of photos and select this from all:

At this point I make some changes to the face and neckline of the shirt and start working on a sheet of Schoeller 50×70 cm paper.

In the photo gallery some steps of creation.

And further down, look where you can see her “around” ;-)

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