FullMoon – Charcoal and Airbrushing

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Plenilunio - disegno grafite e acrilico su carta tinta
I like to experiment. I like to apply artistic techniques. I like to think that airbrushing deserves a more prominent place as an artistic technique. From this concept, works like FullMoon are born.

FullMoon (watch in gallery)

Plenilunio was born from a photo, of course, in black and white. One of the many taken from the internet, one of the many that I would like to give credit to but cannot because I do not know the author.

I was fascinated by the pose and the suspended atmosphere. A moment captured. The naked body, covered only by a cloth that encircles the head and flows down the back. As a pose, it almost seems still on the bank of a river, bathing in moonlight, precisely.

Birth of FullMoon

A sheet of medium gray tinted paper, rather rough, suitable for graphite and charcoal. I love this type of paper because it allows me to apply shadows and even lights with either a chalk or airbrush color. If I can’t find it or don’t have the right tint, I make it myself and maybe someday I’ll describe it (although instructions for making it yourself can easily be found on the web).

But let’s get to my work.

Taking the paper, taking the charcoal or rather the charcoal pencil, I begin to develop the figure. I go by instinct (as well as refining thanks to the instructions of Riccardo Mannelli that he gave me during one of his courses), not constructed, not planned, but following line after line, shape after shape. The image comes naturally in all its naturalness.

After finishing the shadow structure, I moved on to the airbrush with acrylic white and worked instead on the lights, with delicate shades that highlight the volumes of the body. Naturally, it came out in all its three-dimensionality and the atmosphere is complete.

Now Plenilunio is ready to be framed and maybe one day exhibited.